Quick (& Dirty) Tips for Using Foria

Foria is a line of products designed for sexual wellness and enhanced, well…, everything in the bedroom.

When these products first appeared on the market nearly a decade ago, I was skeptic number one. But, let me tell you, they have won me over and are part of my personal toolkit.

Here are some quick and fun ways to use these products, from personal experience and feedback from our very satisfied clients.

Foria Pleasure
– This is a topical personal stimulant that enhances sensation, vulva engorgement and intensifies orgasm. It is applied topically (a small amount will do) directly to the clitoris and labia area.

My number one suggestion to clients is to apply it 20-30 minutes before you engage. If you’re going out, take a little with you, pop into the ladies room and apply before you leave for home; then you’ll be good and ready when you arrive. If you’re already home, apply it and, partner(s), this part is for you: give some good long, kisses and lots of touching everywhere except the clitoral area, before jumping right in. I always think of John Cleese saying, “How about a kiss, boy?!” from that hilarious movie The Meaning of Life.

Between the activation of the Foria in the clitoral area and the anticipation, the results reported are explosive.

While this product is THC infused (and only available in licensed dispensaries), it generally will not intoxicate. Many women, do, however report feeling more relaxed, I think it’s that mental connection between the pussy and the brain.


Foria Awaken – A personal stimulant with an added benefit of other botanicals to enhance libido and sensation. Unlike Foria Pleasure, this product will also provide a warming sensation to your pussy region.

This is a CBD infused product that can be purchased outside of the dispensary system, making it more widely available. Follow the same advice as Foria Pleasure and be SURE to read the ingredients list to confirm there are no ingredients you are allergic or sensitive to. Makes a great alternative or special gift for those you love, who aren’t able to access Foria Pleasure.


Foria Explore – Tip #1: store these in the refrigerator or freezer so they remain solid. These are a great option for use as an all natural anal lube and much less messy than traditional lubes. Depending on your experience level and planned activity, you can use the full suppository or stretch your budget and cut it in half. After inserting, be sure to stay in a prone position for 15-20 minutes before engaging.

Because this product has more lubricant value than the Foria Relief suppository, it is also a great option for women experiencing vaginal dryness or painful intercourse. Again, often, half a suppository may do the job.

This product is THC and CBD infused with a 3:2 ratio and only available in licensed dispensaries.

Foria Intimacy Suppositories
– This is a CBD infused product that can be purchased outside of the dispensary system, making it more widely available.

Can be used effectively in the same ways as Foria Explore.



Foria Sex Oil
– I love that Foria has begun to produce this product. It comes in a 4 oz bottle so you’ve got plenty to work with.

Slather this wherever you need a little more glide. Great for exploring new frontiers and a wonderful all natural lube.

For added pleasure to your sex time, mix a little with your favorite essential oil to make your own massage oil.

Did you get too excited and over-do it or feeling a little raw? Apply a little post-sex to soothe the clitoris, labia, vaginal or anal areas. Keep this bottle close at hand to use as needed before, during and after sex.


If you’re just beginning to experiment with adding cannabis to your sex time (or as my son would call it, Happy Fun Time), take a few minutes to read through our Better Sex with Cannabis article.

And as always, feel free to reach out and speak with one of our knowledgeable Agents or Certified Cannabis Advisors.

Be safe and happy exploring!