Better Sex with Cannabis

Many of us use cannabis daily to combat pain, insomnia, anxiety and stress, but this plant also has a rich history as an aphrodisiac and stimulant.

A frequent question we hear from our clients is “Which cannabis strain is best for sex?”. As these happen to be two of our favorite subjects, here’s how we respond:

First a little history.

Since cannabis helps people relax and can heighten the senses (especially the sense of touch), many people find that a toke or two will get them to a higher level of sensuality. Cannabis has been used as an aphrodisiac for thousands of years around the world.

  • The ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine system used cannabis to increase libido, produce long-lasting erections, delay ejaculation, facilitate lubrication and loosen inhibitions.
  • In 19th century Serbia, female virgins were given mixtures of lamb’s fat and cannabis on their wedding night to make sex less painful.
  • Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon and other Middle Eastern and Northern African cultures used cannabis for sexual purposes in a potent form known as kif as recently as the early 20th century.

So what exactly is it about cannabis that turns people on?

Besides the obvious: heightened senses, relaxation and feelings of hyper-connection, there are also physiological effects throughout the body. THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol), the active ingredient in cannabis, not only releases dopamine in the brain — causing the “high” — it actually replicates the effects of a naturally occurring neurochemical called anandamide, often referred to as the bliss receptor. In addition, neurochemistry, hormonal systems and brain regions such as the temporal lobe are affected by both cannabis and sexual arousal.

Tread carefully in your explorations.

Cannabis doesn’t always make sex better. If you choose a strain that is too cerebral, it can be tough to focus on your partner (or yourself) when your mind is busy contemplating life, the universe and everything. Or if being high makes you suddenly hyper-aware of everything that is bothering you, the mood can be quickly spoiled.

The effects of cannabis also depend on the person’s tolerance — a couple of tokes may get one person in the mood, while another may need to get really high in order to feel a heightened sexual awareness or let go.

For those with lower tolerances, too much of the wrong cannabis may make you feel too tired or bring on paranoia. which is why using small doses or choosing strains low in THC or rich in CBD are a good choice sex.

But the positive effects of mixing cannabis with sex is what we hear about most.

All around, we get reports of increased libido, release of inhibitions and more satisfaction. Men often report bigger/harder erections and more stamina. Women report being able to let go of the day and responsibilities, increased wetness and enhanced orgasms.

Which leads us to the original question of which is the best strain?

The answer varies by individual, but also what type of sex you want to have.

For example, a more intimate session might benefit from a mild indica dominant strain or strains with an OG phenotype, such as OG Kush, to relax the body and mind without being overly sedating, –in fact when recommending variants of OG for sex, we tell people that the OG stands for “Orgasmic Goddess”.

Whereas a mild sativa dominant strain can be great for a more energetic session, stimulating the body and the mind.

A high CBD strain like Harli-Tsu or Equinox can decrease anxiety, relax the body and heighten all sensations without affecting the mind too intensely, making these nice options for those with lower tolerances.

Pairing any other cannabis product with a little Foria Pleasure™ is perfect for heightening female arousal, improving lubrication and most definitely,  intensifying orgasms (yes, plural!).

For more fun overall, go low and go slow.

No matter what strain or product you actually choose, we strongly recommend taking fewer or smaller hits if smoking, or low doses such as 2.5mg-5mg of an edible or tincture and adding more as you need it. Be sure to have plenty of water and fresh fruit nearby to ensure everyone stays hydrated.

Take your time,  have fun experimenting and it won’t be long before you find just the right combination to get you where you want to be. And then, sex as you know it may never be the same again.