10 Reasons to Embrace Low THC

Over the past decade, we’ve heard all about how much stronger cannabis strains are today than they were in the ’70s and ’80s. And while we have seen growers produce strains in the 20-30% ranges, the fact remains that on average THC in most plants will range from 12-18%. What we have learned is leaps and bounds from where we all started back during prohibition, click here to read more about those trying times in the Cannabis revolution.

Many people select strains based on THC levels alone. For some, especially those with long time experience, high thresholds to pain, or those who just want a heavier cerebral high, this can be the right approach.

But we always educate and advocate for a balance of cannabinoids and terpene profiles, as we understand how they work synergistically to achieve maximum effectiveness.

We’ve seen strains of 16% or lower, with the right mix of minor cannabinoids such as CBG and terpenes, be more effective and longer-lasting than strains in the 20-30% range.

Here are 10 reasons to consider a low THC strain:

  1. For those who are just coming back to using cannabis for therapeutic reasons, or for those who are just beginning to experiment, low THC strains are a nice option, especially for anyone nervous about “being high”. When you find the right amount of “high”, it’s a good place to be.
  2. Take the edge off pain and anxiety, while keeping a relatively clear head during the day. Lower THC allows for medicating during the day for greater pain relief without being overly sedated, especially when using Indica strains, which generally bring more relief to the body. Sativa lovers can enjoy the energy and euphoria without an increased risk of paranoia or losing clarity of focus by being too spacey.
  3. Those with high anxiety levels find lower THC, combined with 10mg of CBD daily as a supplement provides very effective and fast relief.
  4. If you are battling depression, many Sativa strains can provide the right amount of uplifting euphoria you seek. Delivering it in low doses of THC throughout the day can help stabilize your mood while maintaining a functional pace.
  5. Cannabinoids work synergistically, putting the right ratios of THC and c-cannabinoids or terpenes into your system will yield the best results over the long term.
  6. If you don’t enjoy the head high that comes from traditional THC, and CBD isn’t delivering enough relief, a low THC strain is often the right choice.
  7. Combining low THC with high CBD strains, you can create ratios that work best for your unique circumstances (we strongly encourage blending strains, but that’s another topic).
  8. As THC is the main cannabinoid responsible for appetite increase, or “the munchies”, lower THC may produce less of an appetite stimulator, while still inducing the relief you seek.
  9. Low THC strains are ideal for sex or intimacy. That’s because THC not only releases dopamine in the brain — causing the “high” — it actually replicates the effects of a sexy little naturally occurring neurochemical called anandamide. Too much THC can have you contemplating the universe or knock you out. Having just the right amount can enhance your mood and heighten your tactile senses for greater pleasure, while your focus remains on your partner and your shared experience.
  10. For those who enjoy the ritual of smoking, you can take more inhales without becoming completely annihilated.
    No matter what you choose, always start with a small inhale (or sip) and wait 10 minutes to assess how the strain makes you feel. If it is too intense, you’ll be back to normal within an hour. If it isn’t enough, simply take another puff or two. Once you’ve dialed in the dose that’s right for you, you’ve hit the jackpot.

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This article was originally published in The Highway California in 2017.
Select this link for a PDF – HWYCALI-002-LOW-THC