How Long Does Cannabis Stay In Your System?

The honest answer is that no one knows exactly how long cannabis stays in our system. Additionally, because drug tests aren’t necessarily looking just for  THC it can mean that testing “clean” may take longer than expected. Anytime someone asks about drug tests we are reluctant to give any advice because there are many factors involved with how your body stores components of the cannabis plant.  Factors such as; body composition, frequency of cannabis consumed, other dietary or supplemental addins, hydration levels to name a few.  For our customers that are looking to learn more about the amount, frequency and other options it might be helpful to read more about Cannabis and Baby Boomers at this article here.

Greenrush recently addressed this topic we are asked about so often. For their full article click here.

It’s important to note that there are various types of tests that will yield different results after different amounts of time and also taking into consideration the different amounts of Cannabis that is consumed.  A regular Cannabis connoisseur will need more time for the THC to fully leave the body.  Like most tests for drugs in the system, the hair will take the longest to show a negative result.

Another important factor to mention is your unique body composition.  Studies show that Cannabis may store longer in bodies that have a higher fat percentage than a leaner one.  So as you see there is no “one size” fits all answer to how long Cannabis will stay in your system.  More importantly, be aware of how much Cannabis you should consume to for your specific needs.